Hey! International students

How have you been?

I hope you are doing great.

So, what is OPT?

I know a lot of you, must be thinking it is pain in my a**. But it is also the thing that every International student has to face. OPT stands for Optional Practical…

You must have heard of many things about being an international student. That people are full of discrimination. They won’t accept you. Be alert to your surrounding. And this is the best “ Go and find a person of the same country”. And this is the reason why I hated…

Due to the sudden rise in cases of the coronavirus. Many big industries are suffering losses. At the same time, International students who went to the USA for earning and learning are stuck with only learning options. Many eligible students got their CPT suspended due to this. …

We all have been in this phase of job searching. The stressful and hectic time phase that just does not get over. It is like an infinite loop. That keeps us haunting until we get a job. It has a process that is really long and very critical. …


With the help of United OPT

Well, I am an international student just like you. I was full of excitement when I was planning my further studies in the USA. When I came, here it was just as I thought the culture, the lifestyle, and the way of living. Everything was going as I planned…

Well for so long I have wanted to write this or read about this. But wherever I see, all I can see is people are telling things we already know. so here is my opinion on what really matters to land that job that you long for.

United OPT- Nation Of OPT Jobs!

I am from…

Caihong li

Graphic designer and Expert in Cracking Interview

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